it’s been (add period

of time) since you’ve had a drink.

don’t ruin the work

don’t be an asshole.

she loves you. she wants us to

be a family.


I’ve decided to attend an AA meeting next Tuesday evening. The way I figure it, why not arm myself with as many tools as I can? The more I have to fall back on, the less likely it is I will lapse. It’s been 7 weeks since I’ve had a drink, let’s not ruin what you’ve accomplished!

I’m afraid of losing Michelle. I know we aren’t together. I’m afraid someone else is going to come along and take her love from me. Someone else is going to catch her eye. I know…super paranoid. My therapist said the negativity is a defense mechanism. If you expect everything to go wrong then you can’t be disappointed. I suppose it could happen though. I feel like I need to rush things along to avoid that. That would be a mistake. Michelle and I need to work on ourselves and we need to take our time for the boys’ sake. I hate that I’m not positive.


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