I did not work out last night and was in bed and asleep before 10pm. I took a bath, read my book, and then crashed. I feel great this morning. I am still sore from my work out on Tuesday. I have exercised 8 days in a row…I can take one night off. I thought the bath would help… I’m not sure it did. I should get a Jacuzzi to soak in. That would be something wouldn’t it?

I don’t have much to write about this morning. My boys are great, I’m great, and life is generally feeling okay today.

I am meeting my therapist today. My last meeting was not fun. We are talking about an event that happened in the 7th grade where I was bullied. It was pretty traumatic. Looking back it’s why I spent the next 4 years of school lunches in the library hiding out. No one gets bullied in the library. I am not looking forward to this afternoon’s meeting.

2 thoughts on “Bullied

  1. Blogging will help you come to terms with yourself. You can read all those things that seemed to horrible to write — and laugh about it. That’s the best therapy I know.

    Why do I say that? Elementary and Junior high is hell, but you and I both lived through it. I was married at 20 to an alcoholic, divorced a year later, married at 23, widowed at 33, married at 36, divored and married again at 42, divorced again at 45 and married again at 46. I’m still with #5, and understand that #3 & #4 were rebounds that failed just because they weren’t #2 (my “perfect” husband who died).

    So there you have it — life is an adventure and there are boulders in the road along the way. But if you can find happiness in the journey, you will be victorious. 🙂

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