Not ready


What a weekend!! I was so busy. Dennis had a swim meet in Lincoln both Saturday and Sunday. Warm-ups started at 7am so that had us on the road at 6am. Brad had a soccer tournament as well. I was up and moving from 5am till 10pm both days. I’m still exhausted. As far as sporting success goes, both boys had huge weekends. Dennis dropped a remarkable amount of time. Brad’s team won their tournament. I missed Brad’s Sunday morning game they won to make the championship. I had 7 parents come up to me and tell me the only reason we won that morning was because of Brad and his outstanding goal keeping. The championship went to shoot outs and Brad saved the day again. He was so happy. Dennis was to. He has been working so hard at practice. I’m proud of both of them.

I had a date scheduled this past Thursday evening. It was with a woman I met at a coffee shop. She chatted me up and we ended up exchanging phone numbers. We texted for a few days and agreed to go to dinner. I couldn’t do it. I cancelled Thursday afternoon. It felt wrong. It felt like I was cheating on Michelle. The interest she had in me was flattering but I’m SO not ready to be romantic with anyone.

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