More important things


My parents have both put the hard close on me reconciling with Patrick. My mother went so far as to tell me “I have to come home for Christmas”. I explained I don’t and I will not be in Arizona for Christmas. I told both of them I had more important things I needed to work on. I was alluding to therapy and my sobriety. They both insisted there was nothing wrong with me. What a bunch of bullshit that was. I reminded them my drinking was something that is/was wrong with me. I told them I’m not interested in spending any time with Patrick or Rae…especially Rae. I don’t like being around their negativity. They say awful things about everyone they know and it is stressful to be around. My mother told me if I don’t come home for Christmas, I have to come to Arizona by myself then. I told her I wouldn’t. I know this is hard on both of them and I told them as much. I feel bad about that. I don’t feel bad enough to be unhappy and forced to be around people (who’s company) I don’t enjoy. That is the bottom line. Michelle has given me a really hard time about it to. I’m not saying I’ll never talk to Patrick and Rae. I’m just saying right now, I have no interest in it. Maybe that will change, but maybe it won’t. I’m indifferent to the outcome. The longer I go without contact, the better it feels.

2 thoughts on “More important things

  1. Stay strong. You have to focus on what you need to do to be healthy and nothing else. Sometimes our family’s think they know best but they are not always right. You sound so strong and determined!

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