The ex-wife (cue the eye roll)

she is selfish. my

continued surprise is the

only shocking thing


I have a much better attitude today. I got a really hard work out in and read my book for a few hours last night. It was super relaxing. I had a dream about my brother last night. It was short…a flash really. I was at the family business in Arizona picking up Dennis and Brad. I was walking past Patrick’s office and just said “hey” as I walked by. That was it. I woke up, turned over in bed, and fell right back to sleep.

Collette (my ex-wife) really pissed me off the past 2 weekends. She scheduled her annual girls’ trip the weekend she had the boys. Aside from her selfishness, that part didn’t piss me off. I got to have the boys for the weekend. What did was she asked me if she could start her week the following week early so she could “make up” the time she lost with the boys. I thought that was great. She has never asked that before and I figured she was placing a value on time spent with the boys…which she typically doesn’t. They went up to her girlfriend Maija’s cabin. She spent all of Saturday at a chili cook-off event and the boys spent that time at the cabin with Inta and Tom (Maija’s parents). I know because Brad called me to chat because he was bored. Dennis went to bed early for the same reason. So much for quality time, right? I was going to call Collette and chew her ass out but thought better of it. In the future I just won’t let her have the kids on my time. If she wants to schedule vacations when she is supposed to be a mother that is her problem not mine.


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