Do as I say not as I do (hopefully)


I feel great today. So much so, Brad told me it was annoying what a good mood I was in. So I played up the annoying because…you know…that’s what Dads do and also…screw him for finding my joy annoying…LOL!!

I feel healthy, ambitious, content (with life), physically strong/able, just all around great. I like this, this consistency in my mood. I was talking with an acquaintance I hadn’t seen in a while on Friday. She was asking me about my sobriety and what I have noticed the most since I quit drinking. I told her it was the clear head every day. She laughed and said, “You mean you’re not hung-over?” It’s true. I haven’t had a hang-over since I quit drinking (obviously). The only time I have had a headache waking up is when I had a particularly sweaty work out the night before and didn’t drink enough water.

I keep coming back to sobriety. Well that’s not entirely true. I keep coming back to Michelle, our relationship, and then sobriety. I should have addressed my drinking years ago. When I say years ago, I mean 10+ years ago. Better late than never, I guess. I think being open and honest with the boys about my drinking is a net positive thing. They get to see and understand the dangers of drinking. Until now a drinking problem was the homeless guy on the street or the man in jail for driving drunk. Now, it’s their father (with: a successful career, a big house, a nice vehicle, who exercises 4 days a week, etc) who has the drinking problem. My life didn’t fall apart (aside from losing Michelle) but I was still unhealthy. Now that I quit drinking, they get to see the incremental improvements not drinking has added to our lives and take those into adulthood. This has improved their chances of breaking the cycle I was stuck in. They won’t have to wait until they are 42 years old to start (hopefully).

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