Disturbing behavior


Another good day. I feel great! I have nothing new to report in terms of my mood or sobriety.

I feel like I am getting a network of friends re-established. I have a reconnected with a bunch of people I lost touch with while Michelle and I were together (she didn’t like most of my friends. She made it pretty difficult, if not impossible, to maintain those relationships. Now that I think back on things…that’s disturbing behavior…right?). It’s nice to want to go out and be able to find a friend to join me. It wasn’t like that for a while after she left. I haven’t reconnect with everyone though.

It feels right to cut the toxic people out of my life. What’s sad is: at one point, they all meant something to me. They felt like a positive force in my life until I realized they weren’t. I don’t feel bad about it. It feels like a weight off of my shoulders.

2 thoughts on “Disturbing behavior

  1. It takes time. Toxic people are often people we love and sometimes they actually WERE (at one point) a positive force in our lives. “Breaking up” with an old friend with whom I’d once had a very positive friendship was one of the hardest things I had to do. But after a while (like 20 years!) every time I spoke with her I felt kind of sick. When I attempted to talk to her about it, she was not at all open to what I was saying and denied how I felt. It was bizarre. Now I know that sometimes we have to but it still sucks. The thing is, we all change.

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