Not important enough


Here is a great quote from a novel I’m reading by Alice McDermott, ‘The Ninth Hour’:

“What man accepts a promise from a girl so young?”

Fucking-A right!! I should never have committed to Michelle all those years ago. She is too young to understand herself let alone understand what a committed relationship takes. She wasn’t prepared to be a happy couple because she never experienced it before. Once she realized what it took she left. The next fucking time she is in love she’ll be able to commit because she knows what it takes.

The boys and I were fucking practice. She broke our hearts on accident…on a whim. Fuck her…and fuck me for trusting against logic. What a fucking asshole I am. I should have known better. Her longest relationship was 6 months before me. I just dove in. Here are my children. Here is my life. Let’s bend our and your life together and be happy. I just assumed she had the maturity to know what that meant. She didn’t. We are the remainder of an equation she never fucking finished because she found it too difficult. We weren’t important enough to put in the work for.

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