Thank God for therapists


I feel better. I emailed my therapist. She replied:

No, some things (holiday, anniversary date, a particular event or place etc) may trigger what we may call a “relapse, where you may feel more sadness or other feelings. If it continues beyond a week or two, or becomes too overwhelming it might be helpful to come in for a visit. If a need arises let me know and we will set something up.

Reading that made me feel better. It made me feel less panicked and dispelled any notion that there was something wrong with me.

I worked out when I got home. I spent the evening with Dennis and Brad. We had a lot of fun together. I read my book. All of that (especially being with the boys) made me feel better.

I am not on the verge of tears. I feel like I am back on the path now. It feels good.

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