A very basic weekend


We had a super busy weekend. Friday Dennis had a swim team dinner and I wasn’t picking him up until 9pm, so Brad and I went to a nice French restaurant for dinner and then to a coffee shop for dessert and board games. Saturday Brad went to a friend’s house and had soccer practice so Dennis and I ran errands and had lunch. Then Brad had his birthday party so I had some time with my book while they all tore up the basement. Sunday we went to an art exhibit, Costco, The Bookworm, lunch, then bought a Christmas tree and decorated it. We had a sit down dinner and watched the last Harry Potter movie (we have been working our way through them). It was a great weekend. We laughed, talked, just had a really nice time one-on-one and all together. I feel like a broken record but the longer I go being sober the happier the boys and I are.

That said, I did have a glass of wine last night. Friends came over to toast the new Christmas tree and we all had a nice glass of wine. I feel like I have a really strong handle on my drinking these days. I had the one glass and that was it. I didn’t have any strong urge to have more than that.

Decorating for Christmas was nice and awful. I had to leave the room twice because I was getting misty eyed. I was thinking about Michelle, it was hard not to.

Unfortunately I sent her a text message:

Me:        We decorated the Christmas tree today. Dennis, Brad, and I miss you. I wish things were different between us.

I ordered our Christmas cards and picked them up on Sunday. The boys look great and with all of my weight loss so do I. It feels good to be handsome again.

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