Toxic people


Money…I was thinking about money on the way into work this morning. More specifically I was thinking how little I stress about money. Brad told me his mother’s hot water heater went out and I felt bad for her. I know money is tight. Now before we go all weepy and “poor Collette” you should know she lives in a home that was gifted to her. She lives a life style she cannot afford because she wants to keep up appearances of a well to do woman. Anyway…I was feeling a little sympathy for the stress I am sure she feels. That made me reflected on my own situation. I don’t stress about money. Which is nice

Patrick and Rae (my brother and sister-in-law)…we haven’t spoken in almost 5 months now. Is this another casualty of my relationship with Michelle? It doesn’t feel that way.

Side bar here…it’s interesting to think about this. Michelle actively undermined my friendships. I have always framed it that I defended her when they treated her poorly (and she never did when her friends did the same). If I look back on how things happened…once she felt slighted, Michelle made situations really uncomfortable even outright demanded I no longer be friends with people. Was she trying to alienate and isolate me from people? That’s what abusers do. They slowly isolate people from their support network so they are eventually all alone. I’ll have to think about that more.

The state of my relationship with Patrick and Rae has nothing to do with Michelle further than their treatment of her being some sort of tipping point. I am not sure Rae is the type of person I want to be close with. She is a net negative person to be around. I can feel stress just thinking about it. Rae isn’t a nice person. She is cruel. I keep going back to how she treated my nephew (with his girlfriend). They didn’t approve and went out of their way to be cruel to both Preston and his girlfriend. It’s awful and disgusting how she and Patrick bullied poor Preston. What he learned about relationships isn’t, these aren’t the types of girls that will ultimately make me happy. He learned, I have to do what Mom and Dad say or they will belittle, insult, attack, and bully me. They are awful!!

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