A good example


I had a busy weekend. I was discouraged last week with my weight loss. I cheated a bit with cake on Brad’s birthday party and then I had small amounts of candy all week. Well this morning I’m down another pound. That makes 38lbs I’ve lost since July 25th.

I met a dear friend for lunch on Saturday. I ran 2 ½ miles to the restaurant to meet her. I was able to do it without stopping. I am getting to a point where I actually enjoy running. It is challenging but not totally killing me. It feels good to be getting my fitness back. It’s strange that I am getting to this level in my early 40’s. I have tons of regrets about having wasted my 30’s on cigarettes and drinking. I recently saw a photo of myself from a number of years ago. I was big!! There was a fair amount of shame when I looked at myself. That said, I feel pride in where I am at now. It’s not about the aesthetic benefits but the benefits to my physical health and longevity…and most important, the example I am setting for my boys when they are men.

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