Back on the market (I guess)


I went to the professional match maker yesterday afternoon. It was a really nice office. You go through an hour long interview. She was nice and asked a lot of questions about my relationship with Collette (ex-wife) and with Michelle. Why did the relationships break down, how did we meet, etc. She asked questions about the types of women I found attractive, what I’m looking for personality wise, all what you would expect. After the questions she went into her sale pitch for me as a client. So it’s fairly expensive. You put a $399 deposit down and then it’s $189/month for a 12 month membership ($2667 total). They do all the work as to recommending women, setting up the dates, they provide feedback on your dates, they will give you advice on your outfits, it’s pretty comprehensive. I liked the idea. I told her I wanted to pause until Tuesday and give it some thought. She tried to overcome my objections…she was good at it. She offered me a discount etc. I was firm. She got blunt. She said, “I like you, you’re a nice guy, and to be honest…I need a man like you in my data base. We need tall, nice, handsome men.” So I thought…okay, flattery isn’t going to work on me. I told her has much. I promised I would call her with an answer one way or the other. I drove home and was getting ready to get on the treadmill when I got a text from her offer then entire year for $725. I took it. I guess she did need a nice, tall man in her data base. I felt really flattered and complimented that she tried so hard to get me. She discounted her normal fee 73% to get my business. So that is happening. I guess I have put myself back on the market.

I’m feel sad it’s even necessary. But what can I do right? This is what’s best for me. One thing I told Courtney (the owner of the matchmaker company) I needed was someone that had their own shit. I explained one of the problems with my relationship with Michelle was the power dynamics were unintentionally screwed from the beginning. I was 13 years older, she was a bit immature, and I make almost 7 times what she does in a year. Those three things made parity difficult.

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