A different approach may be good


I’ve been thinking about Laura. We are going to have a third date this coming Friday. We haven’t been physical in any way. I wouldn’t have expected to have slept together (I wouldn’t have turned it down…she’s really beautiful) but at a kiss good night would have been nice. So that was on my mind then I thought about every relationship I have had up to this point. The physical side of things started almost immediately and then we got to know each other. They all ended up failures. So maybe going slow on the physical and taking time to actually get to know her is a good thing(?). I don’t know. I write that and I think to myself yeah but if there was a spark, an attraction, she would have wanted something to happen. Maybe she does and is just biding her time. Our date last week when I walked her to her car she did this move with the door that made it very clear she wasn’t down for a kiss.

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